Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I was just reading on there about how babies contribute nothing to the exchequer. A new poster called ClongowesForever (a succinct and articulate addition to the gang) pointed out how babies expect everything to be done for them and how they are ‘worse than the Nigerians’. Fair point, I thought, well made. Regular contributor, ErinGoBragh, chimed in saying that if babies didn’t look like ‘cute little dolls’ and looked like ‘fat middle-aged fellas’ then mothers wouldn’t be so quick to indulge their carry on and probably throw them down wells or sign up to the probort lobby. He added that babies are worse than Travellers and then ClongowesForever said that was a fair point and well made but added that at least Travellers are from this country unlike Nigerians. ClongowesForever got a few ‘likes’ for that post even though the mods cautioned him to stay on topic.

Don’tTreadOnMe took part in the discussion too saying how babies make no attempt to integrate into our culture and how they even refuse to speak the language. I thought that was a fair point and well made so I posted ‘QFT’ in response.

GasAllWelfareScroungers was online at the time too, at 25276574649737 posts he rarely misses a discussion. He made a fair point well when he posted that babies are nothing more than miniature drunks because they speak garbled rubbish, can’t walk straight or even stand up most of the time, and inevitably piss and puke themselves. Then Don’tTreadOnMe pointed out that babies are actually worse than normal drunks because it only takes a few hours for a normal drunk to sober up whereas it takes babies years. In response, I suggested that babies be rounded up by the state and forced into education camps until they get their act together and become useful members of society. I was a bit surprised when the other posters rounded on me for this suggestion. ‘And who the hell is supposed to pay for these education camps, more bloody taxes is it?’ asked one. I said that the camps could be privately run by Michael O’Leary or someone that knows what he’s doing but it was too late. The others branded me a ‘libtard’ and ostracised me from the rest of the discussion. Well, LabourLad did come to my defence in fairness but that idiot siding with you only makes you look worse so I told him to ‘fuck off’. He reported me and I was suspended from the site for two days. Not sure what I’ll do to pass the time now. I could go outside I suppose but I’ve read that the streets are crawling with Nigerians, Travellers, and babies. Even scarier is the thought that some of the Nigerians and Travellers are actually babies. Imagine the burden on the taxpayer a baby Nigerian or baby Traveller is. Cripes, the parasitic potential doesn’t bear thinking about.

Maybe I’ll sign up to Godlike Productions in the meantime, just to tide me over. They are a bit mad there but you do occasionally find the odd fair point well made.     

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