Sunday, May 5, 2013


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For those that didn't make it I thought I'd share a photo from last night's comic launch. All the usual heads were there: military, clergy, various dignitaries being dignified. No bin men or anything like that. Nice banter. Talk of war days and the glory of war and how we wished we'd all died in war. There were no fatalities on the actual night, well only two but they'd have died whether they went or not. No one's getting any younger unless you include dementia. Dementia is a kind returned youth I suppose, in that you end up going 'goo goo ga ga' and depositing the odd plop in your pants. I ate a scone. I think. I think I ate a scone. Maybe it was my fist. I've a sore hand today and that might explain it. Oh, and there were PINTS of course. A load of us read the comic and then we forgot we read the comic and read the comic again. That's the great thing about the combination of dementia and pints, there's no end to discovering things for the first time. I forgot I even wrote some of the comic and apparently said of my stories 'the fella who wrote these ones must be a bit of a goon'.

Thanks to all that came along and supported our venture and thanks to the Little Green for providing the splendid venue. Courageous Mayhem, it's a National Tragedy! If you want to order a copy of the comic let me know via fuggtheworld at gmail, that's two 'g's in the fugg. I'll post you a copy of Romantic Mayhem and Courageous Mayhem for €11 – that's for over 100 pages of reading and postage. There's more about people eating their fists in the Romantic one too.

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