Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Seriously guys, this is huge. This shocking footage went viral yesterday – watch the video:
Needless to say it made the news...
Let's just take a look at what happened again so we can get our heads around what took place... And now let's hear about what happened from the family concerned...
Now, there's a lot to discuss here. I know your mind is racing. Has the child fully recovered? Should SeaWorld continue letting visitors feed the dolphins? Should there be a monument built to commemorate the event? Might this event be a fitting subject for a musical? Might the dolphin be a paedophile that was attempting to abduct the child? Should we place the dolphin on the paedophile register? How do you spell paedophile anyway? An bhfuil cead agam go dti an leithreas? Should we bomb the dolphins like we do the sand niggers?

'Um, Mom, I'm outta fish?' Those words will haunt me until the end of my days. Let's talk guys. How do you feel about this event? Twitter the hashtag on Facebook and text in your thoughts to the central death hub mind voider: @jimmysaviledolphinummomimouttafish#thisisworsethansyria#
Here is the shocking event again in HD:
What a world we live in ladies and gentlemen, ...what a world we live in.

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