Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm giving maths grinds to a local girl (pictured above). Should be grand. She's arriving later on. Nice girl. Friendly. Should all be straight forward enough. A bit of maths and that. A few old sums. Ah yeah. I enjoy teaching. Should be grand. She arrives at seven. Just an hour of lessons and then she'll be off. Her dad will pick her up and off she'll go. Nice girl. Should be grand. Should be absolutely fine. I won't ask for a sponge bath or anything. Ah no. That wouldn't be on. That'd be unprofessional. No. Just a bit of maths and then the dad arrives and there'll be no controversy or anything. No controversy at all. It'll just be a bit of a sponge bath, I mean algebra, and off she'll go with her father and he won't hit me or anything. I like teaching. Nice girl. Friendly. Should be grand.

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