Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This lad in dirty clothes came up to me and said ‘change please’. Well, I think I’m a nice enough fella, relatively successful and hard working, so I said to the guy: ‘Why should I change? By the looks of things, it’s you that needs to change. Look at you! You’re a holy show. A Holy bloody Show! I mean, take a bath for a start why don’t you? Bill Cullen didn’t get where he is today. . .’

The lad just walked away. He just walked off before I was even finished talking to him. Bit rude I thought so I went home and started a thread on about how the homeless should be sterilised.

I can still see him now, in my mind’s eye, on the road, wandering up and down: ‘change please, change please, please, please, change, change, change please, please, change, please, please change, PLEASE CHANGE!


barrymore said...

Well, frankly...people who pick on the man begging in the street, they’ve a blind spot. They don’t really know about lifes ups and downs.

Course, behind the idea of sterilisation is wanting to stop people breeding. They think that’s the solution. But if you think about it, the only way to get them off the streets is for them to HAVE kids! Cause, the thing is you see..biologically pass your genes on to your offspring. THATS how you get a roof over your head! It might be generations down the line but its their destiny.
So if you think of yourself as a rationalist, I can’t see how you can be against homeless people having kids. Its flying in the face of reason!

Maybe they want them out of the way cause its an inconvenience. But that’s not a reason, it’s more of a preference, like peanuts instead of ice cream

Fugger said...

Well give me the peanuts then! Allowing them breed is just the soft hearted wooly thinking I'd expect from a dubious member of the limp wristed 'showbiz' community such as yourself. They are animals! ...and I should know, I volunteer to feed them every xmas with the Knights of Columbanus.